Melbourne Professional Cleaners History


We have come a long way. You have helped us come this far.


We never forget where we started from, may be that is the reason why we keep reinventing ourselves as a matter of practice. Check out our brief journey to know our story.


2004 - We tapped on the doors of our first customer. He let us in with a smile. This was our first opportunity to leave a lasting impression. Glad we did just that. The first building we cleaned was the stepping stone of our journey.

2005 - Our initial success was built on the foundation of our meticulous attention to the art of cleaning, helping our customers within their timelines, and the trust they placed in our abilities. Soon enough, the phone was buzzing regularly.

Cleaning services in 2006

2006 - Time was ripe to do more. We hired more people. We cleaned more houses. A lot of our time was spent on cleaning business complexes and offices after employees left home. They were greeted with a sparkling clean office the next day they stepped in for work.

cleaning services in 2008

2008 - World over, wherever you went, Green was the buzzword. It was a call for lifestyle that was sustainable and pro- health. We decided to introduce a range of cleaning products that cared for the people’s well being as well as for the nature. Cleaning would never be the same again.

Cleaning services in 2010

2010 - Our customers loved the idea of Green Cleaning. The idea transformed into a concept and the concept into a business model. Today we are a tight knit family business that gives our customers the best in class cleaning services and solutions for their daily needs.

Cleaning services 2011

2011- In last seven years we have listened hard to understand your unique needs and worked harder to meet your expectations. We know the quality and commercials we offer are matchless. This is exactly the time to renew are mission to keep bettering our own benchmarks. Keeping you in mind.